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Hi Traders,
I Stumbled upon this fabulous statement, feel free to go through it
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Two weeks after opening, trading volume on the CME lists only 1,001 open contracts at the time of writing, while the CBOE Global Markets Exchange, which opened a week earlier, shows 2,177 open futures contracts (Each CME contract is for five bitcoin , worth approximately $75,000 to $80,000.
EST on the Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE). ASR's Chanel said that the launch of futures on CME should eventually help iron out some of the wild gyrations in the price of bitcoin. One futures broker whose clients were excited to trade Bitcoin futures told us that the safeguards placed on Bitcoin futures are slowing the market down.

In short, you can profit from Ethereum without ever actually owning a single coin.
The Main Types OF CFD Brokes
Arguably one of the biggest innovations to come from the development of technology in retail onine trading is the widespread growth of DMA, allowing traders of all levels and sizes to make their own trading decisions on the markets first hand
1. STP Broker– Straight through Processing model
2. ECN Broker– Electronic communications network model
3. DMA Broker – Direct market access model
4. MM Broker– Market maker model
5. P2P Broker – Peer to Peer model
The STP/ECN and DMA Brokerage models are the COMMON brokerage variations that send all your trade moves to the owners of the regular marketplace. The managers of the traditional  market are termed the Market Makers.
These Market Makers are the players who you are basically, trading opposed to.
Hence if you profit, they suffer. In the same line of thinking, in the event that you always profit, it implies that the provider  is losing and vice versa.
The market makers own the right to refuse your trade flows. this factor is naturally a principal facet. You can trade with a Brokering service that is functioning an STP/ECN/DMA model and still experience your trading profits canceled or a more painful circumstance , your deposit might held back temporally. This type of unethical behavior of a STP broker may happen to be due to their Market Makerterminated your trades at some phase and subsequently, whatever profits you produced becomes invalid. The market maker may as well favor to penalize the Broker for approving such revenues by holding back your deposit.
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